Longwall Maingate Drive

Longwall Maingate Drive

NEPEAN Longwall designs each drive system to meet or exceed the project requirements with respect to starting loads volumetric capacity. The AFC drive components undergo in-depth analysis using our proven modelling and design processes and are field-proven in a number of high-capacity AFC applications.

Drive power evaluation is undertaken at the nominated longwall face lengths and cross-gradients, allowing for voltage drop losses.

All AFC drive structures are designed in 3D and finite element analysis is undertaken to verify the integrity of the design under various load scenarios.

The critical Maingate side-discharge is further evaluated, for effective coal flow at continuous and peak ratings using discrete element methods (DEM) to verify that the chain conveyor system will perform as expected.

The standard AFC Maingate drive has many NEPEAN Longwall innovations including:

  • Interlaced side discharge with removable ‘Z’ plate separating AFC and BSL chains.
  • Shallow ramping angles (˜7 degrees) to reduce wear, decrease power demand and increase throughput.
  • 50 mm thick deck plate in ramp pan and headframe unit, manufactured from BisPlate 450 material
  • 50 mm thick BisPlate 450 (or equivalent) wear strips that are replaceable due to their bolted design.
  • Horizontal towing and vertical lifting points provided for ease of transport, balanced to ensure safe lifting.
  • Sprockets made to be interchangeable with tailgate, reversible, and removable without removing gearbox.
  • Cradle type side plate profile for rigid bearing support and safe removal of the sprocket.

The Maingate drive incorporates core NEPEAN Longwall products such as the cross-frame, that is combined with customer-specific elements including choice of power-train, cable/hose management and accessories. The core Nepean Longwall equipment is based on field-proven equipment and each design update is validated using finite element analysis during design.