Longwall BSL Crusher

Longwall BSL Crusher

NEPEAN Longwall has been building longwall crushers for 20 years. The standard crusher employs the fundamental design principles that are in use at many longwall mines in Australia. The crusher configuration ensures that the crusher is not a bottleneck in delivery of coal to the belt conveyor. The NEPEAN Longwall designed crusher overall height is not affected when the rotor height is adjusted as this is all contained within the crusher frame.

Coal and stone sizing is the principle role of the crusher, which creates a unique set of design and engineering requirements. Basic specification of the impact roll crusher includes;

  • High Impact design with 16 replaceable elements
  • The design capacity of 400 kW,
  • 1,200 mm diameter impact rotor
  • 1,800 mm (nominal) rotor and inlet throat width
  • 7,800 kg impact rotor mass
  • 420 RPM (nominal) rotation

To provide a stable and enduring crusher with the complete frame is a single fabrication, which is machined after all welding steps to insure a rigid housing for long-life of the rotating parts. The crusher deck is increased from 50 mm to 80 mm in the coal sizing zone, while the rotor height is adjustable in the field. The rotor bearings are fully supported in machined housings that also mount the transmission and are clamped securely to the single-piece machine frame, providing a very stable rotor that maintains alignment and is relatively simple to set up.

The crusher is a primary source of airborne dust in the longwall Maingate area. The NEPEAN Longwall crusher with its single-piece housing is the first defence against dust escape, together with carefully designed interfaces to the adjoining BSL modules. Two spray bars are included in the base scope, while a dust scrubber can mount to a duct that draws from the outbye end of the crusher. This places a negative pressure on the crusher and hence draws the dust away from entering the mainstream air across the face.

Accessories available include;

  • Dust spray bars (water control by Principal supplied BSL/crusher flow controls)
  • Auto-lube circuit and associated distribution in conjunction with components on the concave pan
  • Dust covers
  • Scrubber ducting and interfaces