Longwall Beam Stage Loader

Longwall Beam Stage Loader

In recent years NEPEAN Longwall has put a lot of attention into the BSL design to meet the challenges posed by increased longwall automation. The core BSL design is of a rugged-duty fabrication incorporating 50 mm top and 30 mm bottom deck plates. The BSL is designed around chain and flight combinations that will meet tough high wear applications. Considerable trouble is taken at module joints to control dust egress. The design includes fully enclosed covers and rubber socket style joints at any articulation joint after the crusher. This not only reduces dust but also eliminates any bolting or assembly required during longwall relocations.

The BSL pan sections have a design life in excess of 15 Mt and are constructed to ensure the repairability, replaceability and adaptability of critical components can be undertaken in a simple and effective manner.

Due to the principles of construction, the stage loader design is adaptable to operate with a number of chain and flight bar options in the event of an alternative chain and flight bar arrangements. The stage loader is constructed from a number of separable segments or pan components.

Features include:

  • Minipans
  • Crusher
  • Services Pan
  • Concave Pan
  • Slope Pan
  • Convex Pan
  • Tensioning Pan
  • Driveframe

NEPEAN Longwall has over 20 years of experience in designing auxiliary equipment onto the BSL to meet the needs of longwall efficiency.