Longwall AFC Transmissions

Longwall AFC Transmissions

NEPEAN Longwall Transmissions are designed to be reliable and long-lasting. At times, replacement is required due to unplanned failure or a change in operating requirements and NEPEAN Longwall is able to offer a range of powerful transmissions that offer the reliability and durability that the industry demands.

The standard transmission equipment is a combination of well-proven products in use in Australian longwall mines. This combination is coupled with shafts and sprockets sourced from world-class manufacturers who are world leaders in the supply of components for the underground mining industry. These components are integrated by NEPEAN Longwall to ensure the powertrain is suitable for the power and operating demands of any project. Chain conveyor system transmissions are made up of the following key components;

  • Couplings
  • Gearboxes
  • Slow Run Drive (SRD) /Housings
  • Control Fill Couplings
  • Motors

The transmissions offered by NEPEAN Longwall are compiled from world-class manufacturers of transmission components for the underground mining industry. These components combined with NEPEAN Longwall’s Slow Run Drives (SRD) for the BSL and AFC make the transmissions comparable to any other leading supplier of longwall equipment in the world. NEPEAN Longwall’s transmissions are made up from the following key components that are in currently in use in Australia:

  • Gearboxes: PW Hueber
  • Slow run device / Housings: NEPEAN
  • Fluid Couplings:  Various
  • Motors: Morley

Morley has technical offices and repair facilities located throughout Australia. NEPEAN Longwall is the sole representative for PW Hueber (Wolfgang Preinfalk) in Australia and able to complete gearbox overhauls and repairs to PW Hueber’s in-house procedures at our service facilities.