Longwall AFC Panline

Longwall AFC Panline

NEPEAN Longwall has a number of AFC line pan designs, ranging in size from 800 mm to 1,400 mm raceway width. All NEPEAN Longwall AFC pans employ the industry benchmark features of cast side-sections (i.e. sigmas) with wear-resistant top and bottom deck plates, providing optimum material properties where required.

The standard line pan design uses NEPEAN Longwall’s conventional AFC pan design and construction techniques. These philosophies have a proven track record with respect to application, particularly pan clean up. Key features of our pans can be demonstrated at a number of mines in Australia, including those at Carborough Downs, Tahmoor and South32 operations.

One of the key elements of the NEPEAN Longwall design that is far superior to competitor products is the “Supa Loader”© AFC pan design, the design has been copied but never equalled. This enhanced AFC pan will provide superior loading characteristics due to the scalloped front pan face, providing a larger loading aperture between dog-bone pockets. Reducing the loading angle through the middle of the pan allows the product to load more efficiently during the normal cutting cycle. The pan design maintains the centre of gravity parameters that NEPEAN Longwall has proven across all of its current AFC pan designs, therefore ensuring horizon control is maintained at all times.

Key features;

  • Tough and strong castings incorporating the highly stressed areas into homogenous one-piece members
  • BisPlate 450 deck plates or Hardox 450 deck plates in the coal and chain running areas where surface wear is greatest.


The NEPEAN Longwall inspection pan design includes a 2-piece inspection door together with our key design features to eliminate high-stresses at the plate-to-sigma interfaces.