AFC Chain Sprockets

AFC Chain Sprockets

Chain conveyor sprockets are a foundation product of NEPEAN Longwall with numerous iterations of our core design having been supplied over the past twenty years.

Over the past two years NEPEAN Longwall has been working with PW Hueber (Germany) on the development of sprocket rings for the Australian and other coal mining markets around the world. PW Hueber supply sets of sprocket rings to other countries around the world. PW Hueber have a proven ability in sprocket manufacture with both split and ring style sprocket rings.

NEPEAN Longwall AFC and BSL Sprockets

The key features of NEPEAN Longwall AFC sprockets include:

  • Maingate and tailgate sprocket units are identical, reversible and interchangeable
  • Twin centre-strand configuration for improved chain life
  • Oil filled to provide optimum bearing lubrication and cooling incorporating an external reservoir for easy checking of oil level
  • Inboard bearing assemblies adjacent to sprocket rings, to eliminate shaft deflection
  • Taper roller bearing assemblies giving more than 15,000 hours at full load
  • Mechanical face seals used to protect bearings
  • Rings marked for visual wear inspection
  • Teeth have high thickness to height ratio for maximum strength
  • Sprocket unit pressure tested and rotation tested on a purpose made rig, to ensure leak-proof sealing prior to installation in the driveframe.

In current developments we have brought together FASING (AFC Chain and Flights) and PW Hueber to create a design of sprocket ring that is unique to the Australian market as it will now allow sprockets to work with chain that is greater than 3% in elongation. This will require a change in sprocket in the drive frames once the AFC or BSL chain reaches 3%.