BSL Overhaul

BSL Overhaul

The Longwall Beam Stage Loader (BSL) forms an essential part of the coal clearance system and is the connection between the Armoured Face Conveyor (AFC) and the longwall belt system. Longwall roadways usually provide limited room for all the equipment that is required to run the BSL and manage the longwall and consequently specialised knowledge of the BSL and its adjacent components (The Maingate drive, Crusher, Bootend) is required for its overhaul. NEPEAN Longwall has over 20 years experience in designing, manufacturing, modifying and overhauling the BSL and you can be confident in your overhaul achieving the desired outcomes.

Our workshops have the capability to handle all the parts of the BSL and the electrical capacity to run the BSL drive and the crusher. Our overhauls finish with a mini-build including the MG cube which allows the chain and flights to be run in the BSL as well as the crusher to be test run. These test runs are essential to ensure that the BSL arrives at the longwall face with the conveyor fully operational and the crusher rotor balanced and vibration free.

Our deep knowledge of conveyor design and fabrication is utilised in the BSL overhaul and we are able to undertake complex tasks such as;

  • Replacement of deck plates (including in the crusher, convex and concave sections);
  • Building up of castings and dogbone pockets;
  • Rebuilding of crusher rotors and replacement of elements;
  • Rebuilding of the tensioning system;
  • Overhaul of BSL sprocket;
  • Replacement of BSL chain & flights with FASING chain and flights.

NEPEAN is also experienced in the design and modification of the BSL to include;

  • Upgraded drive units;
  • Scrubbers;
  • Lubrication and hydraulic oil tanks;
  • Waste oil storage tanks;
  • Dump Valves; Accumulators; Monorail Removal Platforms and rail storage bins;
  • Allowance for DCB mounting;
  • Toolboxes; Fire fighting depots;
  • Hydraulic pumps;
  • Strata control devices;
  • Floor cleanup ploughs.