PRS Cylinders

PRS Cylinders

NEPEAN Longwall supply replacement roof support cylinders through our partner BMJ. In each case of cylinder supply, BMJ does not “reverse engineer” the cylinders but uses their mature engineering approach to design the cylinder from first principles. Part of the design is ensuring that the cylinder is able to fit the envelope required by the PRS and that the cylinder will perform very closely to the OEM cylinder from a hydraulic perspective. These aspects of the design are analysed and tested with prototype cylinders. A detailed scope of work controls the design and manufacturing processes and provides comprehensive documentation of all phases of the project.


  • Advanced stainless steel laser cladding available on selected cylinder rods.
  • Hallite seals are included in each cylinder type
  • Comprehensive engineering and test program
  • Full destructive test program for each cylinder batch
  • Full documentation package for each cylinder batch including workshop records back to batch heat certificates for materials


  • Nepean Longwall provides close supervision of the manufacturing in China providing guaranteed quality outcomes.
  • Our Chinese partner BMJ is currently supplying PRS cylinders into the Australian market and is up to speed with the expectations, standards and requirements. – These spares provide an equivalent performance of the OEM cylinders, yet at a completely different price point.
  • This offers a unique opportunity to reduce longwall maintenance costs and improve maintenance logistics to and from the longwall face.


  • Design, Modelling and Analysis of the cylinder by BMJ
  • Cylinder Testing – a spare cylinder is manufactured, all components tested. Samples will be sent back to Australia for independent analysis
  • Project Management – Australian personnel will be present at BMJ during the manufacturing period for manufacturing review and QA Inspections
  • Engineering – Engineering review / Fluid Management monitoring during testing / Communications with testing body
  • Project Management – Scheduling / Contract Management / Documentation / Shipping
  • Nepean Longwall – Engineering – Presentation of mandatory drawings for sign off prior to manufacture
  • Nepean Asia Project Management present at BMJ during a period of manufacturing for inspection, QA review, communications and photo record.
  • Full manufacturing documentation including material heat certificates, QA and test certificates
  • Cylinders tested and stored with Fuchs 801D storage fluid

BMJ is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of Powered Roof Supports and the company delivers the incredible volume of approximately one complete longwall face per week. NEPEAN Longwall offers structures and hydraulic cylinders manufactured by BMJ of China, a manufacturer with an outstanding track record of design competence and manufacturing quality.

NEPEAN’s sound and proven project management experience are applied to all projects undertaken with BMJ. Core engineering analysis functions like the design review process are conducted locally in Australia. This process has proven successful on a number of projects delivered to Australia over the past five years and ensure that all project management, engineering, fabrication and testing functions conform to relevant Australian standards or customer specifications.