Powered Roof Supports

Powered Roof Supports

BMJ is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of Powered Roof Supports and the company delivers the incredible volume of approximately one complete longwall face per week. NEPEAN Longwall offers structures and hydraulic cylinders manufactured by BMJ of China, a manufacturer with an outstanding track record of design competence and manufacturing quality.

NEPEAN Longwall and BMJ have supplied fully tested roof supports to Cook Colliery, Appin West Mine and Oaky North Mine over the past few years and NEPEAN is currently in the process of completing a roof support test program for Anglo’s – Moranbah North’s mine in Queensland. This test program is the most extensive that has ever been undertaken for a mine in Australia.

NEPEAN Longwall has also completed a number of core replacement projects including a complete set of DA rams for Carborough Downs, and replacement legs for South 32 Appin mine, Anglo’s Moranbah North Mine and the Grosvenor Mine’s in Queensland.

NEPEAN Longwall’s sound and proven project management experience is applied to all projects undertaken with BMJ. Core engineering analysis functions like the design review process are conducted locally in Australia. This process has proven successful on a number of projects delivered to Australia over the past five years and ensure that all project management, engineering, fabrication and testing functions conform to relevant Australian standards or customer specifications.

BMJ has hosted visits by Australian mining officials to further explain its process and to enable BMJ to demonstrate its dedication to making a safe and reliable product for the underground coal industry. BMJ engineers are also regular visitors to Australia working with mines to further understand the mining regulations and conditions seen in Australian longwall mines.