Haulage Rack Bars

Haulage Rack Bars

NEPEAN Longwall supplies a range of shearer haulage rack bars and in May 2019 signed an exclusivity agreement as to the Australian distributor for a major forging plant. NEPEAN Longwall includes the supply of shearer haulage with our AFC Panline offers and we have developed our own specification and standards for the manufacture of these items.

NEPEAN Longwall maintain project management and quality assurance control over any orders with a presence during the manufacture of your order and actively monitoring all aspects of production and traceability. We utilise independent destructive testing which is conducted locally from trusted laboratories.

We can offer substantially improved delivery lead times from what is often quoted for the supply of this product thanks to the high output capacity of our partners.

NEPEAN Longwall has supplied a number of haulage systems into the market which are compatible with a range of shearers. All of the haulage rack bars offered by NEPEAN Longwall are drop forged high-grade steel.

Key elements are available;

  • Haulage Angle – forming part of the AFC pan
  • Haulage Clogs – welded to the haulage angle
  • Shearer Haulage Rack bar – drop-forged one-piece
  • Pins – machined and plated
  • Pin Retainer Blocks – steel