Do you have a technical issue with your longwall equipment?

Our service team can help you identify and solve the issue through engaging them in system audits. Phone us at any time for technical assistance; our support includes everything from answering a question, right through to taking a detailed report of your problem to our engineering team.

Our experienced service team has worked with many of our customers and developed a series of tools to support the analysis of life cycle trends on the longwall. Utilising MS Excel these tools are shared with our customers and are used to make a record of measurements and observations and to provide graphs and diagrams to show monthly trends and make predictions on the expected life.

Typical applications of these inspections;

  • AFC and BSL deck wear
  • Sprocket wear
  • AFC and BSL Chain and Flight wear
  • Roof support function surveys
  • Roof support bypass and leakage inspections Crusher hammer and element wear
  • Roof support electro hydraulic condition